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Samantha Munoz Episode Six The MOMpire Podcast

In this episode, Sam and I talk about:

  1. Building a business for a flexible lifestyle
  2. Using automation to create multiple streams of income
  3. Adjusting your expectations of “passive” income
  4. How to keep rolling when your plan goes “poof!”
  5. Essentialism – navigating decisions with clarity
  6. Correcting your course when you make a wrong turn
  7. What does balance look like, and how do we get there?
  8. Figuring out your legacy, and letting everything else go

Links mentioned in this Podcast Episode:

Sam’s ONE THING: “Understand what it is that YOU love, focus on the thing that makes you special, and build a business around why you’re the ONLY person that people should hire to help them with that thing.”

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