Episode 19_ Kaitlyn Pierce

In this episode, I talk about:

  1. What the transition looked like
  2. Bringing a product to life
  3. Marketing the product
  4. How to use Binka Bear
  5. Find a local attorney to help with patent
  6. Provisional patent and utility patent


Links mentioned in this Podcast Episode:

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Biggest Lessons Learned from This Episode:

  1. It’s good for kids to know your struggles, because it relieves the pressure off of them in the future. 
  2. It’s good to know how to be wrong.
  3. Our journeys are foundational. Each journey lays a foundation for the next.


Kaitlyn’s ONE THING:

I want moms to be aware that the fact that you feel guilt means that you care and that you are a good mom. My flaws and the mistakes I make on a daily bases are teaching my children. I’m only human. Finally realizing I’m a person was a big milestone for me as a mom. I wished I would’ve realized that earlier. When I became a mom, I thought I had to be perfect all the time. That’s just not reality. I’m allowed to get upset. When I do get upset and yell at my children, I acknowledge it and apologize to them. It shows them mommy is a person.

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