Episode 18_ Sarah Torres-Ferrick (1)

In this episode, I talk about:

  1. Getting into my own business
  2. Emails are golden
  3. What held you back doing this
  4. Take that first step
  5. What does HR Circle do?
  6. Getting that first client
  7. Show your gratitude for referrals
  8. What the remaining 8 months looked like (money)


Links mentioned in this Podcast Episode:

The Live Free Podcast Mastermind


Biggest Lessons Learned from This Episode:

1.)   If you are a business, serve and serve well.

2.)   If you are doing something for free, there’s a reason why somebody is engaging in your free activity, free service, or free download. You’re serving them and providing value to them. It’s a good exchange to have them give you their email address.


Sarah’s ONE THING:

It takes time to build your income as self-employed. Good businesses are built over time.

Be strict on the things that matter, and flexible on everything else!

Society is wrong; we don’t have to be everything.


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