Episode 15_ Jacquelene Hayes

In this episode, Jacquelene and I talk about:

  • Having children close in age while starting a business
  • Going from network marketing to Pinterest
  • Lessons from network marketing that transferred to Pinterest
  • Learn what not to do
  • Getting out of the hustle phase
  • Ideal client
  • Taking knowledge and imparting to other people
  • Abundant mindset
  • Tracking in your business
  • Lessons Learned
  • Finance success instead of charging success
  • Business account
  • Make sure your source is on your pin


Links mentioned in this Podcast Episode:


Biggest Lessons Learned from This Episode:

It’s not a no forever. It’s a no for right now. If you don’t have passion, patience and consistency you are not going to be successful.


Jacquelene’s ONE THING: As moms, we have really good days and really bad days. One of the things I thrive for is to find joy in the trials. Find joy and be thankful.


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