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About the Business

Sam Munoz Consulting will eat your tech problems for breakfast. If you want to build a beautiful, scalable, engaging, rich, organized web presence – you have to have a tech team behind you that knows what they are doing. Sam Munoz Consulting offers a wide array of tech services: from simple websites for the new business owner, to complex spaces that facilitate memberships, payments & showcase your skills.nnIf you’re in need of some urgent emergency tech support, this team has you covered.nnIf you’re a web developer / designer / tech VA that’s looking to learn MORE about growing your own consulting business, Sam Munoz Consulting offers courses (*coming soon!*) to help you get started & add more tech tools to your toolbox.

Behind the brand

Sam is the epitome of professional & skilled in her craft. Armed with a degree in Engineering from a prestigious college & years of web development experience – there are no better hands for your WordPress site. When she’s not creating beautiful online spaces for entrepreneurs (like the MHM site!) she enjoys reading, exercising and spending intentional time with her family.