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About the Business

Need a Event Director for your next Corporate, Club, or Nonprofit event? Nobles Event Services, LLC is here to help manage all of your administrative processes associated with the pre-event and post-event phases. ( IE: Banquet parties, small showers, meetings, Runs/Rides, games, fundraisers, and much more.) I am here to achieve guest and associate satisfaction. I can even help recruit volunteers and manage them for the event.

Behind the brand

Today, starts a journey of a lifetime. nnJune 3,2017, my life changed and I became a mother of amazingly strong and beautiful twins. I went from a full-time working professional in Corporate America to a full-time stay at home mom. For the longest I question what would be next in my career path to help provide for our family. I have always wanted to own my own business and I continued to put my trust in my faith to guide me. However, I still questioned how would I be successful at this point in my life. nnI have learned over the last year that success is feeling happy with who I am and with the choices I have made over the years. Success to me is being grateful for everything I have in my life and what I have experienced in my life. Success is a journey not a destination. Success shouldn’t be defined as being something out of your reach or something you are constantly wanting or needing more of. I have learned to focus on being greatful and happy with my life as it is today. With that being said I took the leap of faith to believe that I can achieve anything I set out to do. nnI have learned it is extremely important to celebrate all victories large and small on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams. Therefore, today I am celebrating the amazing door that has opened for my family and I. We have official started a business, Nobles Event Services, LLC. Thanks to an amazing friend and mentor Jade Stanley I will be signing my first contract over the next few days, she is such a blessing to have thought of my family and I for this opportunity. nnStay tuned for upcoming information and details. I look forward to sharing our journey as a company and will work hard to help you succeed in your pre and post event hopes, dreams, and goals as a company, small business, club, nonprofit, or organization. nnAsk yourself: How do you define success? nnThank you, nShelly Nobles