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Megan Sumrell

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About the Business

If you are tired of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed juggling family and work, I know exactly how you feel! When my daughter was born, my life did a complete 180 and all the time management and organization systems that I used for years no longer worked. I found myself just walking the motions day after day in a constant state of “reaction mode” to my task list and calendar. I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted and felt like I was never getting ahead.  With a 20+ year career in developing systems and processes, I put my own skills to work and created a new approach to structuring my schedule and my time. Juggling work and motherhood requires a new way to approach how to spend and manage your time. I teach you the step by step process to shift your time management and organization to give you more time freedom to spend with your family and on yourself.  As a time management coach, I help mompreneurs get from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion to a place of Work + Life Harmony through my TOP Program (time management, organization and productivity).

Behind the brand

Hey there! My name is Megan and just like you, I am a mom juggling all the things. I have a 9 year old daughter and live in Cary, NC with my husband, Jeff and our crazy dog.