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The monthly membership for Mom Entrepreneurs

We take you from hustle to happily profitable by giving you the tools to network the right way and the community to make the connections you need.

Build a Happily Profitable Business with...

Monthly Masterclasses, Template Toolkit, Connection Converter Mini-Course, Weekly Hack Videos, Visibility Opportunities for Your Business, Collaboration, Community & More!

Sound Familiar?

  • You sit and spin your wheels on social media all day without any results
  • You don't know where your next lead is coming from
  • Fear, doubt, and judgment creep in leaving you feeling imposter syndrome, hardcore
  • Entrepreneurship feels lonely and isolated, with no one in your life who really "gets you"
  • Some days you wake up and wonder if you should just get a real job already
  • You wonder if your business is doing more harm than good for your family
  • You’re tired of wasting time, money and resources on things that aren’t getting you results

Before I discovered this group, it felt like I was alone on my self-employment journey. After joining, I started connecting with so many amazing mom entrepreneurs who had chosen paths similar to mine...and let's face it, moms just get it! The caring, dedicated and passionate women in this group have inspired me to new heights, and the friendships I've made here are real. Not to mention the fact that I can now count many Mompire mamas as my own tax prep and bookkeeping clients! I suppose you could say that joining the group has increased both my happiness and my bottom line, lol. So many thanks to Ashley making it happen for all of us!

Gillian Tarkington


The MOMpire monthly membership is your secret weapon to ditch the hustle & build your sustainable, profitable, referral-based business - without sacrificing your time or money!

We'll provide you

access to invaluable resources to build and scale your business, as well as the tools and network to finally get happily profitable!

Monthly Masterclass

with Ashley Meyer, founder of MOMpire and attorney - whose insider experience will get your questions answered, provide you with valuable feedback, and help you uplevel faster with sustainable business growth tactics!

Template Toolkit

dozens of documents, templates and swipe files designed to take the work out of establishing and marketing your business, so you can get back to doing what you love - the work!


Connection Converter System

mini-course that gives you the EXACT process to establish new connections, strategically follow-up with those connections, and authentically convert those connections into genuine and strategic referral relationships that ultimately generate profit.

Weekly #Hack Videos

1-minute quick tip/hack videos dropped right in your inbox to help you uplevel your life and business quicker.


Online Business Directory

list your business in our directory so you can finally get visible, legitimize your business with reviews from your raving fans, and make it easier to get seen as the go-to business in your industry.

Social Media Features & Exclusive Facebook Community

we believe visibility is a necessity in business, not a luxury...  which is why we give our amazing members the opportunity to be featured on our many platforms through our newsletter, social media, and Facebook group!


And the best part…

You can say goodbye to the lonely sting of entrepreneurship. The community of thriving MOMpire Mamas is your new support system. So, when no one else understands your hectic, crazy life as a Mom and entrepreneur… we do!

Our Promise to You...

We’ll keep delivering jam-packed value, every single month, all while providing YOU a heart-filled community of badass MOMpire Mamas like you who are crushing their goals & inspiring their families. They’ll support you. Love you. And refer to you. All you have to do is JOIN and SHOW UP. (cue the confetti)


I first joined MOMpire four years ago with the intention to meet some new people and network. My involvement with this tribe of women has grown into so much more than I ever imagined. The support, encouragement and friendships cultivated from MOMpire have been beyond my expectations. Not to mention the opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other businesses! I feel so incredibly grateful!

Andrea Merlino


Someone recently said to me “you're such an empowered woman!” Empowerment is a buzzword that I've never stopped to think about. It doesn't mean “to be powerful” it means “to be given power, or made stronger, by another person.” That's really what MOMpire is about. When you're trying to be a mom or a business owner (or both) there's so much you need to learn, the business landscape is changing so fast, your kids are changing so fast, it's impossible to keep up and make yourself known when you're working in a vacuum. You cannot become empowered to live your dream on your own. You need other people. I started my business a week before my first child was born. It was a field I had never heard of before, I didn't know how I would manage it, I just knew that it was my dream job and I couldn't let it go. Six months later, I discovered MOMpire. It's refreshing to find a group of women who “get it.” Mom-run businesses are different. Every mom is different. We celebrate those differences, we get excited about each other's successes. It has been four years since I took “the plunge.” I have a toddler and an infant, and my business is right where I need it to be. I'm currently working with my ideal clients on dream projects because they were referred to me by contacts within MOMpire. The trainings and resources through MOMpire have helped me to build a business that runs efficiently and lets me be the mom I want to be. As of July, I have already quadrupled my projected income for the year. Hands down, the best benefit of MOMpire is that I am not alone. I'm part of a group of empowered women who are empowering me to live my dream.

Emma Fulenwider

Invest in your business and yourself.

Get happily profitable.

Hey, I'm Ashley

I believe there's a better, more sustainable way to grow a business that you love while supporting the life you dream about. I started MOMpire after I was kicked out of a mom’s Facebook group because business didn't belong there. I knew there were moms like me, who wanted to love motherhood but still do business…and do it well.

In addition to MOMpire, I have built and sold a company that still runs today, built my 7-figure law practice, and helped hundreds of other businesses restructure and leverage their networks for ultimate success... all on the foundations of conscious networking.

And I want to show you how to do the same. With our MOMpire Membership, you’ll save time, effort, money, and heartache while our community and resources get you back to enjoying the business you started to support the life you wanted!


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