As moms ourselves, we know that your #1 priority is raising your kids to be confident, kind people (and like most moms, your most pestering daily question is probably… “what’s for dinner?”)! At MOMpire, we’ve created a community that gives you the resources you need to support your family, so you can spend your precious free time with your precious littles. Whether you’re looking to hire locally or virtually, we have someone in our community for whatever you need. And if you’re looking to get hired? Our members are looking to hire in every industry—including yours! In the MOMpire community, you know that with every hire you make you’re supporting a family, and investing in the people who will invest in you. We’re creating a new kind of economy, the #MommieEconomy.

Now, a little more about our founder…Ashley Meyer, ESQ.

Ashley was born with a fire in her spirit that shows up in everything she does (including her curly red hair!). She spent years building her legal career, and when it came time to have children she was eager to find a community of moms she could relate to. But what she found didn’t quite work for her. She felt out of place when her worlds of work and life couldn’t coexist. Desperately searching for a space to be fully “her,” she came up empty-handed. So, she drew on that fiery passion and created MOMpire, a community all about, and for, moms doing it all! Ashley was born to be a lawyer. Her parents are lawyers, her husband is a lawyer, and family gatherings give new meaning to the phrase “holding court”. Supporting families through her legal practice is something Ashley is deeply passionate about. When the days get long, when her well is getting dry, she heads outdoors for a weekend in nature, and finds rest while sitting around the glow of a campfire. Being outdoors gives Ashley as sense of renewal, and soothes the stresses of the challenges life brings. Besides being a wife to her lawyer-partner husband and a mom to her two fiery redheaded boys, Ashley’s proudest accomplishment is the MOMpire community. With growth exploding daily, the MOMpire community empowers moms everyday, both in business and in life. #dreamcometrue