Don't hide your motherhood!

Motherhood is not a curse.

It’s not a career killer.
It’s time to change that narrative.
It’s been our best-kept secret that we aren’t hiding anymore.

Because the #mompire has no room for secrets that keep you from feeling like the legit boss mama you are.

At MOMpire, we provide learning & networking opportunities that go beyond the handshakes & business card trade by fostering authentic and long-lasting connections, partnerships and friendships.

We are here to support, guide, & celebrate you.

We understand that motherhood is the greatest and hardest job you’ll ever have. Plus it’s lifelong - you can’t quit this gig! So we’re here to do more than just list job postings & send you “you’ve got this, girl!” emails (even though we can totally do that, too).  We’re here to help you make a real impact.

MOMpire, formerly Mommies Hiring Mommies, was founded in 2015 after founder Ashley Meyer was kicked out of a moms group because business wasn’t allowed. She was a new mom, with two babies 14-months apart, and a law firm owner, trying to do #allthethings.


She knew there were women who wanted to love motherhood but still do business.

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Now, MOMpire provides the community and support you need so that you can build a life you love with the trusted resources you need at your fingertips. With a directory of mom-owned businesses, podcast, events and more, you’ll find community, referrals, and real sisterhood.

So, whether you’re a mom ready to up-level your business, or a mom looking to hire another mom to make your life easier – We’re here for you.

Don’t do motherhood alone.  Join us, and become part of the #MomEconomy.

BRB: Changing the world with my all-mom squad.

Hi, I’m Ashley

founder of MOMpire

Born with a fire in her spirit, Ashley dives into every opportunity headfirst. In a family of lawyers, Ashley’s destiny seemed pretty clear. College, law school, legal practice. #Boom.

And then...motherhood changed the game. Straddling the lines between demand-driven working mom & momming mom is pretty impossible these days. Ashley began searching for a community of moms that could understand.  Desperately searching for a space to be fully “her,” she came up empty-handed. 

Rather than shrug & whine to her husband for all eternity, Ashley nurtured that ember into her the fiery passion that became... MOMpire: a business community about & for moms! 

Besides being a wife to her lawyer-partner husband and a mom to her two wild redheaded boys, Ashley’s proudest accomplishment is MOMpire.

As we grow, our mission remains the same: empowering moms every day, in every stage of life. #dreamjob


I built a professional organizing company, sold it, and am so proud that it’s still successfully running today - years later!


I’m the marketing engine behind an almost 7-figure law practice, run by me and my lawyer-hubby!


I have all red-headed babies - two boys and a girl on the way!


I'm a severe outdoor enthusiast. I live for the mountains and dream of a country home (but close to the city for convenience).


I never drank coffee until my second son was 1.5 years old, and am super caffeine sensitive. I only drink a few sips of coffee and I’m wired for hours (#selfcontrol).


I’m pizza-obsessed, and despite my greatest health changes, I’ll always love a topping-loaded slice (with ranch, of course).

Ready to start your MOMpire journey?


Networking is more than just shaking hands and exchanging business cards. It's about building connection, fostering relationships, and finding reciprocal ways to support each other's dreams, in business and life.


By hiring moms, and being a mom-owned business who gets hired, you’re investing in what matters most: healthy, thriving families. And with every mom you support - know that you are investing in a family. A mother. A dream. Those investments always pay off.


It’s time to ditch the never-ending hustle and build your sustainable, profitable, referral-based business with the support of a heart-filled community of badass mamas just like you!